ABALONE BOOT VIDEOAWARD 2016 And the winner is ... On 24 January we selected a total of ten winners of the abalone boot video award 2016 out of several hundred entries. In addition to the nine different categories, there was also an audience award. It was not an easy decision for the jury, which consisted of representatives of the world of water sports as well as two film-makers.
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IMPRESSIONS Impressions of the awards show The opening of the fair could not have been more exciting – the abalone boot video award 2016 ceremony had everything that an awards show needs: great speeches, exciting guests, lots of VIPs and, above all, beaming winners. Click here for the best pictures of the evening.
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ABALONE BOOT VIDEOAWARD 2017 Save the date: Register for the 2017 awards The abalone boot video award will also take place next year. You can register and enter your video from April onwards. You will then also find all further information here about what is probably the most water-sports-oriented video awards in the world. We look forward to your entry.
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ABALONE Abalone – marine snow in danger Sailors, surfers, canoeists, anglers, divers – there is one thing that unites everyone involved in water sports, and that is the love of the sea. But our seas, and the creatures who live in them, are in danger. One of these is the abalone. With its shimmering mother-of-pearl layers, the abalone reflects the many facets and disciplines of water sports and has give its name to the boot video award.